About Me

“Agile is not a trick that one learns with training or a set pattern, it is an approach one has towards work and also thrive towards making the workplace safe to run experiments.”

In my 20 years of experience, I have come across people from different organisations, diverse teams and individuals that each in their own distinctive manner has learnt and adapted themselves to learn something new each day and making the workplace fun and creative.

Like I mentioned, agile is a mindset a person has and cannot simply be adopted. Like habits cannot change overnight; agile too, is a gradual journey with no defined end state.

I too have had my share of experiences that have helped me acquire knowledge, gained insight into different work cultures and have in their own way inspired me to learn more about agility. Today I adopt Agile in my daily life and with this blog, I plan to bring to you my take on agile by sharing interesting information, selected resources etc. I have been associated with numerous large, mid-size, and start-up companies and have had a wonderful experience working with them. And it is through them that I knew how to work in a complex state and bring on a change within myself, my team and gradually developed a mindset to change and create a positive approach in others too.

I think as human’s, we should crave for constant learning and hence always look for interesting talks, resources and taking small steps. Agile is firmly and unequivocally people-centric. Come explore the world of agile with me @www.agiletalks.wordpress.com