Why don’t you need an agile framework to deliver software?

It all started years ago when, as a programmer, we had to meet the customer to understand his needs. Sometimes, it meant engaging in a conversation about how the current system works or to take down notes on what he needs. Those days you had to do that. Phone lines were not enough. Later, when I officially started working for a company, they were scrumming, and I got introduced to scrum then.

Slowly, I realised it’s the people who make it work. It is always about people, rather, their intent, their skills, their effort, their passion, the environment that they operate. Small teams able to work towards a shared vision is all we want.

“A well-functioning team of adequate people complete a project regardless of the process or technology they use (although the process and technology may help or hinder them along the way)” ~ Alistair Cockburn

So let’s take care of our people! Isn’t it? The communication between the team and the customer should be very effortless. As leaders, we need to enable the right environment for them to work cohesively. In fact, if you can work with the customer onsite there are massive benefits, as you can cut short the long feedback cycles. Don’t want to name which methodology advises this; you may have guessed it right. I believe any framework gives us a nice container for the teams to work together in terms of cadence and ceremonies etc. But again the core of all the frameworks are the underlying values which we often forget. And they are human-centric values.

These are some of the essential things which we should keep in mind while working with teams:

  1. Stay close to the customer need
  2. Keep the communication as transparent as possible with the customer
  3. Deliver a meaningful piece of the product continuously
  4. Get feedback as soon as possible and pivot based on that.
  5. Incorporate feedback and delight the customer.

If our delivery process can cater to the above procedures, we don’t need any framework.

Please do let me know your thoughts.

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