“Agile….Just Hate it !!! …”

Agile brings discipline and structures the innovative way for developing software. Not only does it promote quality code; but it also improves the product. So why do the developers or programmers hate ‘Agile’?

Many companies have adapted ‘Agile’ as the buzz word and mindlessly follow what everyone else is doing. I have come across programmers who roll their eyes the moment the word ‘Agile’ gets mentioned. Perhaps it’s more to do for the misconception of delivering projects faster with Agile and in turn working under pressure. This is not true.

Some of the common patterns I have experienced are :

“Scrum Master: Let me track how many story points did they achieve in the last sprint ?
Scrum Master: The velocity is not that great and hence I need to push the team to pick more work.
Programmer: Shit…This time I am the target; I lagged behind as I could not finish my work.
Programmer: I cant afford to speak my mind during a retro as I might have to face the music later.

For programmers the ‘Daily Standup’ is thrown at them as each of the team members is questioned on their daily tasks update; and no matter how much they hate it, they still need to have to answer..

Management consider the sprint as a commitment from the team and lagging behind would lead to performance matrix. So programmer’s take the sloppiest path by doing patchwork leading to poor quality delivery.  If the programmer is successful in finishing his work, it’s a sign of relief; they are continuously undergoing immense pressure.  They would still get marked down when the code gets handed over to the architect for review which is mostly tied up with their yearly appraisals.

Then there are numerous meetings that may not even be required, to plan task allocation etc. A lot of the above is wrong and not a pleasant experience for programmers. The whole point of Agile was “more on people rather than processes only”. Software development is a creative pursuit and hats off to the most creative people that we have around.

“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.”- Linus Torvalds

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