So can Agile and Lean work together?

Organizations globally have adapted Agile in some way or the other. Scrum being widely accepted as a framework to implement the principles of agile. This all started in 90’s with the first agile project being C3 (Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation System). When Agile started, it advocated adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement to encourage rapid and flexible responses to change. On the other hand Lean adapted from the Toyota Production Company; the focus is aggressively on the below:

1.           Eliminate waste

2.           Amplify learning

3.           Decide as late as possible

4.           Deliver as fast as possible

5.           Empower the team

6.           Build quality in

7.           See the whole

Let’s try to weave them together:

Both are human centric approaches to work. What’s the unique thing that I like the most in Lean then…Hmmm ? Lean software development puts a spotlight on optimizing the flow efficiency end to end, “ideation to cash”. Now that is debatable as well… Agile emphasizes on shorter cycle times by eliminating waste like handovers both macro and micro. I would hence safely conclude that both complement each other.

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