Convincing People

Not just logical appeal would let you convince or win hearts of people.  You really have to win the emotions of people. We have to tap into the hearts and bellies of the listeners.

We have to align to the values of the listeners. Lets say you have two colleagues, one who pays importance to financial aspects in his life and the other one likes to be the center of attraction to the crowd. If you want both to be aligned for a software that is to be introduced to the organisation then you need to approach with a strategy.

For the colleague who pays importance to financial aspects you should show him how this software could automate things and makes him more efficient.  This would also make him eligible to grab more bonuses. The other colleague can be asked to conduct training’s as he would act as an expert on this.

Hence you touched the value of both the individuals and finally you can choose specific words  power words to touch the emotions of people.

Remember, logic is great, but alone, it’s not enough. You have to speak to the hearts and the bellies of your listeners, too.

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