Why is continuous delivery not just a technical practice?

Continuous Delivery is a practice that emerged from XP(Xtreme Programming) and is definitely not new. It goes back to the early days when Kent Beck and his team were doing it.

The practice of software delivery is far from perfect today.  Implementing Continuous Delivery not only solves technical challenges, but also enhances the development environment. Here are a few reasons why adapting continuous delivery can help businesses seek competitive advantage:

  1. Enables Early Feedback

Continuous delivery promotes frequent feedback at several stages during the delivery pipeline. Businesses can test new capabilities and pave way for ‘failing fast’. This works well for a mature, fast paced competitive market and offers low risks to customer workflows. The developers gain invaluable real-time insights and improve applications faster. The benefits for the business is to test their assumptions with some of their killer App features and know how  the market responds against those.

  1. Raising Funds

Once the assumptions are launched to the market, companies can generate interest and gain early funding. This allows a competitive edge of launching a product first and simultaneously recognize the benefits associated to it.

  1. Reduces Risk

Continuous delivery reduces risk as the feedback mechanism is faster and one can quickly adapt to the customers feedback and adjust the next change or upgrade. This reduces uncertainty and helps focus on small enhanced upgrades.

  1. Saves Time

Companies/Businesses hate waiting to be served once they have expressed their desire. Automating build, continuous integration and continuous deployment have a huge benefit in terms of lead time. Although, it’s not easy and comes with a cost ; Continuous Delivery creates consistent environment and deploys code automatically to complex scenarios, saving time and money. Deployment can be scary and has been a nightmare for companies as developers spend sleepless night over the weekend just getting the build live.

The core of agile is to run experiments and continuous delivery promotes that!

Businesses should harness the success of Continuous Delivery that saves a remarkable number of hours and help deploy more frequently and make your releases more predictable.


Some ideas stolen from Jez Humble & Martin Fowler


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