Become a better LEADER not just a MANAGER

Good leaders don’t just happen overnight and it takes time and experience to rise into leadership roles.

In IT industry we use the word “resource” which in my opinion is a bit harsh. They are just people…

Leadership is a skill and being a leader has nothing to do with a rank. Leadership is a choice which one opt’s for the people.

We human’s are not machines. We have emotions and need to become people centric. Organisations need good leaders to drive inspiration and offer continuous coaching, so that people can follow them in their movement and fulfill the goals of the companies successfully.

“leaders are not responsible for results but are rather responsible for people, who are ultimately responsible for results”.
The shift from manager to a leader is gradual and needs a genuine sense of service mindset like the people in the army. Companies needs effective leaders to succeed in their long term goals, while managers can only be succeeding in the short terms gains.  Human’s would not like hearing this “come and manage me” however they would not mind if some one leads them by saying “I will lead you to the right path”.

Some of my observations and thoughts of a true leader are as follows:

  • A leader invests in you and instills confidence to do better and grow to become the best.
  • A leader is focused on his upbringing, generosity and kindness and that is what makes him gain respect. A Manager however, only walks along for a short term value and is more concerned on getting the tasks completed.
  • Being a leader means making tough decisions with an objective perspective. The role of a leader requires firmness, authority and provide solutions without hesitation.
  • A leader always corrects you when you go wrong. He will show empathy and also lead to the right approach and make you look at things in different light. Whereas; a Manager would reason with you why you went wrong in the first place and keep up the warnings! This actually lets you lose focus and make more mistakes….
  • A leader has a more realistic approach in handling people in a personal or political manner. He understands human behavior and their expectations. A Manager on the other hand struggles to understand individuals at all levels and lack sensitivity in their work approach. Failure is inevitable, but it helps to anticipate scenarios or  accept mistakes and learn from them. Leaders keep an open mind while being flexible and adjust if necessary.A leader takes failures as part of the journey and remains cool.
  • A true leader is someone who coaches the team in a similar way he does parenting. He guides his team member and uplifts them whenever required.
  • A leader delegates to allow their staff to grow and shine and instill the sense of ownership. A leader helps break tasks into manageable levels, while a manager just delegates work to keep the stress off their plate!

I have been lucky to have worked under some really passionate and extraordinary leaders and it is to them that I have learnt to be compassionate and consistent towards my work. For me leaders need to show confidence in their acts, thoughts and overall attitude. They need to have a positive demeanor and remains approachable at all times.

92369-88626People will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication. I get inspired and motivate with the way they handle work and fuel my beliefs the same way.  As a way of life, I constantly push myself to become better, learn and adapt new experiences and motivate others to lead by example.

I am hopeful that organisation will recognize the traits of a leader and not just hire managers. We need a positive workplace environment that understands individuals and work towards successful goals.

The good leader not only maintains high standards, but also is proactive in raising the bar in order to achieve excellence in all areas.

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