How do we drive motivation within the teams?

Just a simple answer to this is by acknowledging them with “Wow..Great Work”, “Keep moving, wonderful” etc..In scrum it is the team who will either fail or succeed.

Know that “Rewards should always be to the team not to an individual”. Some organisation would always want to choose the individual contributor from the team but that would impact the overall behavior or synergy of the team. People would start competing against each other and would hence result in individual performance and team’s performance would take the back stage.

The feeling of being appreciated is a strong positive boost!! Isnt it?

In my last organisation, peers could write a few notes on the “Thank You” cards and stick it on each others desk. This way it was more of a continuos activity rather than a timed event.  This in many ways would drive transparency and motivation within your team.

Happy to share the following rules which I came across for rewarding people :

  1. Don’t promise rewards in advance: when acknowledgement of good work
    comes as a surprise, intrinsic motivation will not be undermined.
  2. Keep anticipated rewards small: big rewards are likely to decrease performance. But with small rewards, the risk of hurting performance is negligible
  3. Reward continuously, not once: Every day is an opportunity
    for a reward. Don’t keep it as a ritual monthly, quarterly or yearly only.
  4. Reward publicly, not privately: Fosters transparency
  5. Reward behavior, not outcome: Behavior leads to patterns, pattern leads to habits and habits leads to culture
  6. Reward peers, not subordinates: Create an environment in which people
    reward each other

Source: Nagesh Sharma